Realistic 'Clark Griswold' Christmas decoration has people calling 911

AUSTIN, Texas (WFLA) - A Texas family decided to kick off their fun old-fashion family Christmas by putting up a display recreating a scene from "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation."

But it appears their decorations might look a little too realistic, and are making some people panic.

The Heerlein family recently put the decorations up on their Austin home for a contest. The display is meant to look like the scene from "Christmas Vacation" where Clark Griswold hangs from the roof while putting up Christmas lights.

The family bought a dummy online and left him hanging from the roof by his hands. They also positioned a ladder beneath to make it look like its tipping over.

But some people were fooled and thought a real person was hanging from the gutter. According to the Associated Press, a veteran passing by rushed over to the ladder and moved it while shouting, "Can you reach it?"

The man then called 911. Police say about a dozen other people did too.

The family now has a sign at the bottom of the display that reads, "Clark G is part of our Christmas display please do not call 911."

The man who rushed to help is receiving a $500 gift card for his caring actions.

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