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Judge Threatens To Duct Tape Convicted Murderer's Mouth

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JACKSON (WLNS) - A 31-year-old woman convicted of murdering her boyfriend has been sentenced to life in prison with no parole.

Officials say he died in May 2012 from stab wounds and blunt force trauma to his head.

As 6 News Nick Perreault explains, on Wednesday in a Jackson courtroom Gamet wasn't going to lose the chance to speak her mind.

"Basically at trial, the way I was portrayed, mostly everything was lies, there was a little bit of truth, but mostly I was convicted off of lies," said Gamet.

Camia Gamet was still trying to make her case, even after a jury convicted her in March of first degree murder for stabbing her boyfriend, Marcell Hill in spring of 2012.

Gamet claims it was self-defense.

"Remember the cries of help that he scream as you plunged the knife in and out of his body," said Diana Banks-Joiner, Marcell Hall's Aunt.

As family members read a letter to Gamet she could be seen rolling here eyes and even laughing.

"Youre going to shut your mouth or you're going to have duct tape put on it...'he attacked me', alright, we'll wait here for a moment to get her quiet," said Judge McBain.

No duct tape was found.

"We have no choice but to send her where she will also die. I can't believe she stands before you doing this this morning," said Kati Rezmierksi, Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney.

Judge John McBain says it's one of the worst cold blooded murders he's ever seen.

"You gutted him in that apartment like a fish, you were relentess, you stabbed, you stabbed, you stabbed until he was dead," said Judge McBain.

There were 12 wounds in total, a brutal act which Judge McBain says she'll pay for with life in prison without parole.

Gamet and her attorney understood a life sentence was merely a formality. "I understand you have to do what you have to do."

"I agree with the family, I hope you die in prison as well and if this was a death penalty state you'd be getting the chair," said Judge McBain.

The family says justice is served with a lesson to all; abuse can come in all forms, regardless of gender.

Gamet's attorney says she plans to appeal the sentencing.

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