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New app lets users read 1,000 words per minute

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Spritz can display words at speeds from 250 to 1,000 words a minute. Spritz can display words at speeds from 250 to 1,000 words a minute.

Have you ever been so interested in a book, you can’t wait to see how it ends?

A new app provides a quick solution to that problem. The ‘Spritz’ app makes it possible to read at a thousand words a minute.

Reading is meant to be a leisure activity, but it takes a little work. As we read, our eyes move from word to word, line to line, paragraph to paragraph.

But, this new app cuts to the chase. ‘Spritz’ is different from other speed reading apps. In this method, the story is told word by word.

Tony Madalone struggles to find time to read, but with this app, time is not a problem. He tried it out at 500 words a minute. He was happy with his results. “Yeah I read all of it. I read it!” he remarked.

Madalone was easily able to crank up the speed, but he’ll admit it makes it hard to multitask. He found it difficult to answer questions as the words whizzed by on the screen. “I also need to concentrate the whole time, as in I can’t talk and read,” he said.

Spritz can display words at speeds from 250 to 1,000 words a minute, making reading novels a breeze.

Marilyn Miller is an avid reader. She thinks this app could come in handy. “There’s a ton of things I want to read. And right now I read about 8 books a month, 9 books a month, with that I could probably increase it,” said Miller.

“Reading more books would be great for me.”

Experts are critical of this technology because what you gain in speed, you actually lose in comprehension. “Keeping the attention span would be the main thing. It would be tough to read a whole novel but for a short article its perfect," said Madalone.

Spritz is not available just yet. The Samsung Galaxy S5 will have it pre installed, and Spritz plans to license the technology to online newspapers and e-readers. The CEO of Spritz hopes to eventually charge a nominal fee for the service.

With this app, you’ll be able to read the first book of the Harry Potter series in just over an hour. And get this, you could get through ‘War and Peace’ in a day.

Try out the Spritz app! Go to

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