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Unprovoked, deadly 'knockout game' attacks spread as youth do it for 'fun'

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Phoebe Connolly was attacked last week (right) and an attack in 2012 (left). Phoebe Connolly was attacked last week (right) and an attack in 2012 (left).

The attacks are shocking and violent – and sometimes deadly -- but youth across the country are calling the unprovoked attacks a "game" that they are "playing."

The point of Knockout or One-Hitter-Quitter, as many youth call it, is to randomly select someone walking down the street and punch them in the face in the hopes of knocking them out with one hit.

"They think it's funny. They think it's amusing," said one person about kids who take part in Knockout. She was interviewed in a Youtube video that has gone viral.

 One victim of an attack was unsuspecting 50-year-old teacher-- James Addlespurger -- who was hit when he was innocently walking toward a group of boys.

 "The video speaks for itself, but I don't remember it happening when it happened."

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, one of the boys violently knocks him to the ground.

His limp body lies on the concrete as the group walks away.

"I was shocked, I was shocked at the whole narrative of it. Boom came the punch, and down I went, straight down with my face falling and hitting the cold concrete."

This attack happened in 2012 in Pittsburgh and the juvenile who performed the attack was eventually arrested..

But the so-called "knockout" or "one hit quitter" game apparently has spread elsewhere.

Missouri, Minnesota, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Washington D.C. -- just some of the places victims have reported being punched on the streets for no reason.

In a few of the cases, the victims died.

 Just last week in DC, Phoebe Connolly is one of two victims who was punched in the face by kids on bikes, she says for no reason.

"He just threw a hook with his left hand and just got right me in the face. And he said 'wa-pow'," Connolly said.

 Flowers mark the spot where a homeless man in New Jersey was beaten to death in September-- allegedly by teenagers.

In Brooklyn, New York police are investigating an attack-- the victim is sucker punched as he walks down the street.

"I travel alone a lot like to go to school and go to rehearsals and come home and that's scary."

What might be more terrifying than the random violence is why kids say they "play."

"For the fun of it," said another young man interviewed in the Youtube video. "Little kids run around and hit people and knock them out. Even though they shouldn't be doing it, people do it."

There have been incidents across the country where certain groups of people were reportedly targeted based on race or religion, but, overwhelmingly, the attacks have been random, police claim.

-- CNN Pathfire contributed to this report

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