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Daytime Diet Myths

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You may be struggling with weight loss because you're actually listening to the wrong diet and health advice!  Like...fat is bad for you.. or...don't eat at night or you'll gain weight!
It's time to debunk those diet myths and more with Dr. Yael Varnado.

1. Not all "healthy foods" are actually healthy foods:
The foods that think should be keeping you slim and trim could actually be packing on the pounds and inches.  Some common culprits?
· Vitamin Water:  This calorie drink can have as many calories as a can of soda and is enhanced with sugar.
· Energy bars: Keep in mind that most of these aren't made to be quick snacks which many of use them  and instead may have enough calories to be a meal substitute. Be sure before you pick a box or bar up you check the nutritional value.  
· Peas & Corn: How many of us ladle these onto our salads or consider them yummy diet foods?  Sure they're healthier than some foods but these are actually starches and contain high levels of carbohydrates!

2. Fat is the main culprit in weight loss: cut it out to cut out pounds:
Though some fats are "bad fats" --like the kind found in chips, junk food and greasy food-- your body needs "good fats" --unsaturated-- to function optimally --which is what you need it to do to get in shape--.  Good fats you should include in your diet can be found in nuts like walnuts and almonds, avocados, fish like salmon, olive oil, flaxseed and more.  While you can still include these in your weight loss plan, don't "go crazy" with them and remember that calories still count when working to drop the weight!

3. Which leads us to our next myth: Nuts are Bad for You:
How many of us have been on a diet and been strict about bidding farewell to nuts?  Though not all nuts are created equal, studies have shown that health conscious eaters who include "healthy" nuts in moderation in their eating plan --nuts like almond, pistachios, pecans have a lower BMI AND a smaller waistline than those who didn't include them in their weight loss plan. *Study done by the American College of Nutrition.

4. Eating foods like celery & other raw veggies helps you lose weight because they're negative calories
Though raw veggies and celery are great things to include in a weight loss plan, there really isn't any truth behind "negative calories".  On top of that, if you include too many foods that aren't giving you enough calories could actually slow down your metabolism and cause muscle to break down which will actually slow down your weight loss regimen!

5. Dieters should only drink skim milk
More and more studies are showing that sticking to 2% lowfat milk or milk with some fat component in it is actually better for dieters than skim milk.  Reasons include research that shows it's harder to feel full with skim milk,  skim milk still contains sugars found in other types of milk and at the end of the day its benefits may have been largely exaggerated.  Drinking skim milk can often also make it harder for your body to absorb the beneficial vitamins or calcium In fact a study coming out of Harvard and getting lots of buzz showed that people who drank skim milk as opposed to 2% or whole were actually heavier than their skim milk drinking counterparts!  Finally, here's a fact you should know about the big difference between those types of milk: your "full fat" milk only contains 3-4% fat as it is, which isn't something most people realize.  Our thoughts?  Stick to 2% or perhaps try almond milk with your cereal!

6. If I eat healthy all week long I can "go crazy" and have cheat days on the weekend
Oh no, no, no!  Cheat days can be one of the reasons you're not losing weight in the first place, or that you're gaining the weight you lose during the weekdays back!  On the weekends when many of us proclaim "cheat days" we also tend to sleep more, exercise and move around less, drink more alcohol hello drinking your calories.  That doesn't mean weekends can't be fun, but continue to make smart choices grilled instead of fried foods, no loading up on bread and rolls before a dinner out, smarter drink choices.  Otherwise yes you could actually lose 1-2 pounds during the week and gain a pound back on the weekends!
7. Gluten-free is the secrets to a new, svelte figure!
Though gluten-free may be a health choice that is a necessary requirement or a lifestyle choices for you, don't forget that gluten-free doesn't mean sugar, calorie or fat free.  Before you devour an entire box of gluten-free cookies, crackers or other treats be sure you treat it like anything else on your diet plan: check the calories, points or anything else you're monitoring to keep you food intake in check.

8. Eat Every Two Hours to Keep Your Metabolism Revved Up and Your Weight Loss Going Strong
If you want to stick to the "eating every two hours" plan like so many of us have read about you really need to assess what you're eating every two hours.  You could actually be consuming too many calories.  No matter when you eat your meals you still have to be taking in less calories than you're expending, no matter when you consume them!  If you want to do the every two hours plan those meals and snacks should be small and well balanced.  ALSO know this - sure, eating every couple hours can help you keep you hunger down but your metabolism will not slow down if you stick to the traditional plan of eating every four hours.  BTW you know what WILL keep your metabolism revved up all day long?  Building your muscles up!  Muscles burn much more than fat!

A Couple Diet FACTS You May Not Know:

More and more studies are showing that caffeine before a workout --say a cup of coffee before your run --could help improve endurance!
For aerobic activities especially those that require endurance, a cup of coffee could improve endurance and stamina and reduce muscle pain and make the work out more enjoyable!  That said do not drink too much as it can be a diuretic and negatively impact you.    Also consider the source, an energy drink isn't going always going to be the best for you in general and if you must go that route stick to sugar free!  As with everything, consume it in moderation and be sure to stay hydrated throughout any work out!

You CAN eat after 8 pm if you must and not gain weight - Some of us freak out because our life and work schedules make it hard for us to eat before 8 pm.  Well here's the truth: calories can't tell time! Again it's more about what you eat and how much you eat as opposed to when you eat it!  If you eat later in the day your body will just dip into those calories when you start your day in the morning!

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