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Partying teens trash former NFL player's house

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Former NFL player Brian Holloway Former NFL player Brian Holloway
Picture of party aftermath Picture of party aftermath
Twitter picture of the party as it was happening Twitter picture of the party as it was happening

Imagine what it would be like to watch your house get trashed in real time over social media.

That's what former NFL player Brian Holloway says happened to him a couple weekends ago.

Holloway, who now lives in Lutz, is trying to sell his old ranch house in upstate New York. It has been empty for a while. 

When Holloway's son called him from the University of South Florida in Tampa, it was to warn him that the house was not empty anymore.

"He sent me these Tweets and I thought it was a prank," Holloway told News Channel 8.

It started to sink in that about 300 people were at the house.

"They're having a live party right now," Holloway remembers thinking before law enforcement showed up.  "We're watching as sheriff's [deputies] show up...and all the kids are running around, hiding and tweeting each other."

That's when he believes the party moved out into the 200 acres of fields and woods surrounding the house.

"We pulled 40 bottles and drugs out of this field yesterday," Holloway said as he described what looked like pot, remnants of meth, heroin and roofies.

"I blew right past furious," he said.

Holloway bought the home during his rookie season with the New England Patriots.

"This was the sanctuary," he said. "As a first-rounder you couldn't be around Boston without all the cameras in your face. I wanted the children to grow up - to be outside - without security."

Now, he says, the partying teens' safety should be in the front of their parents' minds. Holloway is not talking about pressing charges; rather, he wants to hold the kids accountable in another way.  He has posted their photos on his website and is asking their parents to take action.

"All I'm doing is exposing to the parents and community what really is going on," Holloway said. "If we don't respond now ... I promise you the next party is being planned right now."

He recognizes some of the people in the Twitter photos. Others were strangers.

"They were planning a 3-day party over Labor Day," he said. "They started tweeting and texting some of their friends and it just went totally out of control."

He believes the teens, mostly, were from 15 different high schools and 3 colleges.  Holloway describes what happened as an all-out "flash-mob party" that he estimates caused more than $25,000 worth of damage around the house.

"There were kegs that tore up these floors," he said as he pointed to the hardwoods and then turned his attention to nearby carpet.  "We ripped up the carpet. It was soaked in beer, vomit, urine and chewing tobacco."

He figures the crowd broke in, since ten windows were shattered and glass doors were kicked in.

"We saw evidence of putting ladders on roofs, going in through windows," Holloway said.  "The damage can be repaired.  A lot of stuff was stolen.  That can be returned."

Holloway says he has about 220 names of the people who were at the party that weekend.  He hopes to have all 300 within the next couple days.  Parents have called him, angry about what he's doing on his website.  Holloway says some of the teens are sending a different message.

"I've got 50 emails a day coming in from them saying how sorry they were," he said. "If there isn't a way to hold them accountable, and there isn't a way to establish our own communication, then this is just the beginning of a lot of bad stuff."

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