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Work completed in Greeneville neighborhood home to ongoing flooding problem

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UPDATE:  9/24/2013

A short time after homeowners on Chestnut Street shared their frustration about a project the Town of Greeneville started but hadn't finished, crews returned to wrap up the job.

In all, they added new asphalt curbing in front of the houses of two people we interviewed and repaired the broken curbing in front of another home. In addition to the asphalt curbs, crews cleared ditches so flood waters can now more easily funnel into drains and not people's yards and homes.

The finished product doesn't include the concrete curbs homeowners had wished for, but they say the end result is better than nothing.

"I don't think I'm going to have the flooding issues that I did," homeowner Bonnie Whittington said. "I don't think the people down the street are going to have the flooding issues that they've had in the past. I wish that they'd do a little bit more aesthetically. I'm not pleased with it, but it's better than nothing."

Because the neighborhood was built before concrete curbs were required, the town says the asphalt curbing was the best it could do with the resources it has available.


A flood that hit a Greeneville neighborhood earlier this summer is long gone now, but the storm rages on along Chestnut Street.

Outside of one house, Sid Frost stands next to a sign in his yard blaming the city for his sinkhole problem.

"I can't get satisfaction," Frost said. "I got a broken driveway. I'm afraid the car's going to fall into the ground here."

Next door Bonnie Whittington says she refuses to pay her property taxes until, as she says, the ongoing flooding problem on her street is adequately addressed.

"I need some work done here and if they're not going to do the work I'm not going to pay them so that they can take money someplace else and do work someplace else in the city," Whittington said.

She and her neighbors live at the bottom of Chestnut Street. For decades, the massive hill up the road has sent water their way.

Beverly Weller is tired of removing water from her basement.

"If I'm gone for 15 hours on a shift and come home to a flood, it's a mess," Weller said.

She and her neighbor John Shelton say they would love to see the city permanently fix the flooding issues on their street.

"I'd like to see concrete curbs put in, but I'd like to win the lottery too," Shelton said.

Since Chestnut Street was built long before concrete curbs were required, the city says it can only maintain the infrastructure that is already there.

Greeneville Public Works Director Brad Peters says the town has started addressing the problem by clearing ditches and laying asphalt curbing. He says when the project is finished it will make a difference.

"We have to maintain the infrastructure we're dealt," Peters said. "We are trying to get the water off the road and into the pipes and drains."

That said, at the moment the work remains incomplete. In Whittington's eyes the work is also far from perfect. Her asphalt curbing is already falling apart.

"We've already had pieces, chunks falling off and it's just not going to last," Whittington said. "The city keeps coming out and putting (temporary fixes) on this whole street and things aren't being taken care of."

According to Peters, crews will return to finish the project as early as this week. He says they will also repair Whittington's broken curbing.

"I know it's not a work of art but it's the best we can do with the resources we have," Peters said.

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