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Daytime Holistic Pet Care

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From premium pet food to play dates and yes even doggy yoga, pet parents are not only spending extra money on their dogs and cats but many are taking a holistic approach to pet care.  Jenn Fadal, founder of, joins us to give us a few ideas on how to make our pets happy and healthy in mind, body and spirit.

What does holistic mean exactly when we are referring to pets?  It is taking pet care to a higher level.  Looking at the big picture and addressing how we care for our pets' bodies, minds and hearts in the world we share.  
1. Functional foods- feed a natural and holistic diet.  One filled with functional foods which address your pet's needs.  We want to do more than just satisfy an appetite and meet minimum nutritional guidelines.  Ingredient examples:  super foods to decrease toxins in the body, phytonutrients, botanicals to strengthen tissue and cleansing, enzymes to assist with digestion.
2. Go dog go- every dog needs it.  Whether it is a two pound Chihuahua or a 100lb Great Dane all dogs need some form of exercise.  It will not only help them keep their weight down but also make them less anxious.  If you have an anxious dog, try burning some of that nervous energy during a fast paced, focused walk.  Swimming is a great alternative for older dogs with sore joints or arthritis.
3. Go east!  If you haven't tried it already, find a veterinarian that practices both traditionally and is also trained in eastern herbs and acupuncture.  It is a different approach to healthcare and one that has had tremendous effects in the lives of so many pets.  
4. New experiences- Even something as simple as changing your pet's walk route will broaden their mind.  As a pet parent, we can learn the basics of pet massage, Even acupressure if we are inclined.  Or, get really inspired and take a Doga class, yes, Yoga with your dog!  
5. Go Green!  Treating your pet holistically also means the way in which they affect their environment.  From biodegradable pet waste bags to recycled and recyclable toys your pet can have a smaller carbon paw print.



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