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Daytime How To Take Smart Phone Photos

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Professional Photographer Booray Perry has these tips for taking better pics with your smartphone:

Single biggest mistake is not paying attention to the light and the 2nd is composition.  They just point the camera at their kids and click. They don't notice that the light is behind them and will result in dark faces. They don't think to crouch down so they are on the same level as their subjects. They shoot full-length images when it's the faces that are important.

How do you get more people to comment on your pictures on Facebook? Sometimes I post a picture and everyone comments and other times it's like no one saw it!
If you want more comments, start by posting fewer images. No one wants to see 400 pictures from your vacation. 

Is there any advantage to taking pictures with your phone vs. a camera?  
Biggest advantage to using an iphone is that you always have it with you.  You are always ready to take a picture. People contact me a lot asking what big, fancy camera they should buy and I tell them, "Buy the one you want to carry around DisneyWorld for 8 hours."  Better a poor picture than no picture because you didn't want to carry that big camera. Plus, with your phone you can immediately share with everyone.

The disadvantage is, of course, picture quality.  Even more than that is that people have started to view life through their camera instead of experiencing the moment.  The reason you go to an event is because you don't want to experience it only through pictures and yet you spend the entire event taking pictures and staring at your phone.  You don't see what's happening around you, which is the whole point of being there. You also ruin all the other pictures because no one can see your face.  Take a few pictures, then put down your phone and experience the moment. 

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