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Why mosquitoes love beer drinkers who exercise

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Are you the one who gets bitten by mosquitoes during outdoor activities, while others are untouched?

If so, you might be a mosquito magnet.

But what makes some of us more attractive? There may be several reasons why, and the Smithsonian has come up with a list.

No. 1 on the list – beer. The little biters like it, even if you drink just one bottle, because your skin will give off some ethanol.

Beer also raises your body heat, just like No. 2 – exercise.

 No. 3 is pregnant women, who have higher body heat and they exhale 21 percent more carbon dioxide.

 No. 4 is blood type. If you have Type O blood, you are probably twice as likely to get bit as if you have type a. If you have type B blood, it's somewhere in the middle.

And No. 5 is what color you wear. Mosquitoes are attracted to darker colors, like blue, black and red.

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