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Wake Co. Animal Center overcrowded with pets

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The Wake County Animal Center posted this sign on its door after getting nearly 170 animals in three days. The Wake County Animal Center posted this sign on its door after getting nearly 170 animals in three days.
Some of the dogs at WCAC are being taken to Charlotte. Some of the dogs at WCAC are being taken to Charlotte.

The Wake County Animal Center is currently at capacity and needs help saving dogs from being euthanized.

The WCAC has taken in more than 500 animals in the past 12 days; many of them are from owners who are surrendering healthy dogs and cats.

"If you had a child would you throw it away if it wasn't useful anymore? I don't think so. I feel like that's what our public does sometimes, they think I don't have a need for it anymore, it's a nuisance, I'm just going to throw it away," Lynch said.

WCAC's Assistant Rescue Coordinator, Cindy Lynch describes the situation as "desperate."

"Every time we look at an animal's face and we don't know if they'll be there the next day or not.

The WCAC is calling on the public to consider adopting or fostering one of the more than 800 animals currently under the county's care.

"The animals coming in are fabulous animals and they're looking at their owners saying, ‘Why am I here?'" said Lynch.

A sign on WCAC's door warns owners "We are FULL! If you are surrendering the risk of it being euthanized is extremely high."

Despite the warning, one owner surrendered her dog Friday saying she is moving.

"I got a new job working for the US Department of Education in Washington, D.C."

"We see that happen all day, every day," said WCAC Director, Jenn Federico.

Federico says euthanizing the animals is a last resort.

"I look at our county as a sponge. We can only absorb so many animals within our county… There are only so many adopters. So we are reaching out to more rescues because we don't want to have to euthanize them," Federico said.  

Lynch has spent the last 24 hours calling rescue groups in other states to ask for help and urge them to take some of WCAC's animals so that WCAC can make room for new ones.

"We're desperate. Today was a desperate move," said Lynch.

Rescuers and volunteers from Charlotte, Virginia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and New York arrived at the center Friday and were seen loading their cars with animals.

Erica Goff of Morrisville volunteered to drive a litter of puppies to a rescue in Charlotte that has room available.

"I am giving these dogs a freedom ride.  I mean look at them, they're babies. People aren't accepting responsibilities for their animals and they just want to get a puppy and then when they start chewing they dump them off at the shelter. So this is our chance to come together with volunteers and take them to a great home, where they'll have a great life," said Goff.  

If you're interested in adopting one of the animals, check out the adoption gallery here.

To foster one of WCAC's animals, contact JoAnne Duda: JoAnne.Duda@wakegov.com

To adopt one of WCAC's animals, contact Cindy Lynch: Cindy.Lynch@wakegov.com

The WCAC is located at 820 Beacon Lake Drive, Raleigh, NC 27601. # (919) 212-PETS

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