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Daytime Parents Food Mistakes

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Parents Biggest Food Mistakes -- Dietician and Nutritrionist Sarah Krieger has some helpful advice on getting your children to eat their veggies:


  1. Pressuring kids to try a new food-especially vegetables that can be bitter-- and either bribing with dessert or other reward.  To kids, food is food, so why bribe for one food over another? They can take advantage of this and refuse a food just to get a reward! Treat all foods equally and they will learn to eat all foods with the same respect!
  2. Parents getting emotional about their child eating. I have seen this too many times. Food is a necessity, but children will eat when they are hungry. They will not starve themselves.  If a child does not want to eat what you make for a meal, simply wrap it up and serve it later when they are hungry: instead of giving them an alternative:  Pediasure, milk or Carnation Instant Breakfast, favorite cereal or peanut butter/jelly sandwich. They will get the message that mom/dad/grandparent is in charge of WHAT is for a meal. The child decides HOW MUCH to eat of it.
  3. Parents send the message that making a meal is a real drag! I know parents are busy and then tired, but try not to show it…..We do want our kids to know how to cook, so the more they are involved with the process, the more they will learn and enjoy it as teens and adults. Let the children pick out a new fruit/vegetable at the store and then have them chop it (with a plastic or butter knife) at home. Have them wash fruits/vegetables. They are more likely to eat what they help create—give them that chance. They can also clean up what mess they make-the best they can!
  4. When parents make their kids feel bad about eating or trying a new food and the child ends up gagging or worse: vomiting…that child will likely not want to try a new food again.  Parents (myself included) need to be non-emotional when a child tries a new food. Offer a new food with a familiar meal, and if (s)he tries the new food, don't say anything. Food is food. We want our kids to learn to eat a variety of foods, so if parents are eating a wide variety, so are the children.
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