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Gray, TN man isn't spinning his wheels on his valuable toy car collection

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In this edition of Cable Country, Gray, Tennessee resident Mark Meredith shows off his vast and valuable collection of Hot Wheels toy cars.

"Come on in Tim this is kinda my hot wheels haven, man cave, some people call it a museum" Mark Meredith said as I followed him into a room upstairs at his home.

Whatever you wanna call it, Mark Meredith is burning up his showcase shelves with one of most sizzling unique collections of Hot Wheels in the country.

"It's probably pretty unique", Meredith said. "It will compete with a lot of the collectors. So, yeah, I got some good cars"

Cars concentrated mostly and reflecting on a certain era.

"For me, about '68 through '72 it's called the spectra flame era", Meredith explained.

Mark's particularly partial to the Mustangs and Camaros of that era.

"I've got a white enamel Camaro that's pretty cool", Meredith bragged. "I got an Olds 442 that's got red with dark interior, black interior most of those have white interior so this was kind of an early production car. Got a Beach Bomb the little surf boards out the side which everybody kinda gravitates to those I've got one of those where the boards go out the back end which those are very very limited in number and mine's in pretty good shape. I've got lots of little rare pieces"

Rare jewels that can generate blazing bucks.

"I've seen a couple of cars sell for north of 50 grand", Meredith said. "I've seen cars sell for 10 bucks and then I've seen them sell for way up there, five, six figures. It's all about condition"

Mark has connections all over the country as he buys, sells and trades. Always in hot pursuit of Hot Wheels..he does ebay, toy shows and a couple of national conventions a year.

"That's the thrill of the chase and the thrill of the hunt when you collect you're always after the next score, after the next nice car", Meredith said.

And he collects other Hot Wheels memorabilia too like cases, collector buttons and track. And his collection's been featured in guide books..

"It's been a labor of love for like 10 or 12 years", he said. "I've just been after it really hard"

What is it that makes us still so hot for Hot Wheels at this age? Well, I think it's something to do with the way boys never outgrow their toys.

"Toys bring out the kids in all of us", Meredith said. "It resonates with everybody cause toys always brings a smile on people's face and this is no different. Don't throw your toys away. Hang onto 'em toys are a part of your life"

For sure, a hot part of Mark's life. An eternal spectra flame that will never be extinguished..

"I don't see it ending", he said. "These have stood the test of time. If it all fell to pieces tomorrow I'd still love my toys you know it's part of me. To me it's part of Americana"

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