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Survival schools expanding to Florida

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At a time when NBC's "Revolution" is painting a picture of what a post-apocalyptic America might be like, some are taking more interest in survival training and skills.

"I think a lot of people can feel like something's around the corner," said Jeff Santos, of the Sigma III Survival School. "A lot of unexpected things are going on in the World and in the country."

Sigma III is expanding this year to Florida, opening a new business north of the Tampa Bay area in Ocala and in Miami as well. Operators and instructors see a market here.

"I lived through Hurricane Andrew. I was down there for 2 months rebuilding the place," Santos said. "Our house was absolutely destroyed and for about 4 weeks: We're scurrying everywhere we could possibly go to find ice, food, and gas. We were cooking in hibachis from the wood from the trees that crashed through the house."

The goal: To train people survival skills like getting fresh water or building a fire. The group also does personal training for tactical scout skills and military/law enforcement training as well.

"If something does happen - if it does hit the fan - they want to be able to take care of their families and themselves," Santos said. "Thousands of years our ancestors used to use these skills. These aren't new."

On a recent trip to Tampa Bay, one of Revolution's stars weighed in on how the show's script has opened his eyes a bit.

"It's not only a show about science. It's also a show about family and a show about how family reconnects to each other and to the World," said Giancarlo Esposito, who plays Tom Neville. "I think we're in a world that's very tenuous in many ways. We're questioning our government and our leadership - is it the right way to go? We have people who are suffering who previously were not years ago."

Although Esposito said he doesn't believe in preparing for doomsday, he does make it a point to take his children camping and is considering buy a generator for their home.

"I don't believe in the whole doomsday prepper thing," he explained. "I think that I would rather spend my time in meditation and have it all go up in smoke around me and be at peace. I don't know if you can preserve life at that level if it came to that point."

He said he's a firm believer in taking environmental action.

"We've lost that connection to the Earth," he said. "But I don't believe that any human being can destroy this earth. Scientists could disagree with me. They could say nuclear action could take it out - all these things could do this that or the other. It will involve way beyond us."

Don't miss Revolution on Monday nights at 10:00. Learn more about Sigma III by clicking here.


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