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About Star Watch

When asked to write about "Star Watch," I'll be honest and upfront and tell you what we're not – we're not a tabloid show that capitalizes on Hollywood's latest "freak of the week." We're not out chasing the latest fallen child star or tragic has-been – there are enough of those programs out there, and we definitely don't need another one.

Now let's talk about what we are - what we at "Star Watch" work feverishly to do is dish up a fast-paced, rock-solid weekly half-hour show that's designed for movie lovers, a show that's about the films they care about and the people who make them. Period.

To me, sitting in a darkened theater and watching a quality chunk of moving art unfold has always been a uniquely personal experience that's exhilarating and altogether powerful, and I know that there are plenty of others like me. "Star Watch" serves those people – not necessarily highbrows, but those who just love getting lost in the film experience, be it a gentle, windswept love story or a top-decibel battle between a couple of three-story robots.

For the past fifteen-plus years I've had the unique opportunity to interview (many of them multiple times) the powerhouse muscle of the film community – Scorsese, Spielberg, Pitt, Hanks, Roberts, Bullock (I could keep going for twenty minutes, as I do nearly 300 interviews per year) - and I still find sitting down with megastars and their directors to be great, saucy fun. They're geniuses in their own right (most of them, that is) who command hundreds of millions of dollars, and for good reason.

You won't find a film degree anywhere on my wall – I don't have one – but frankly I think that's what makes the show fun. I tend to ask the questions most of you would ask – not what a film critic would feel the duty to ask.

Don't look for quick, standard run-of-the-mill soundbites on "Star Watch." We're all about longer, more in-depth pieces that are (hopefully) just a bit more left-of-center than the norm, personality pieces that are designed to be a window to the soul. Casual, conversational, it's a half hour sit-down that's chok full of the world's biggest movie stars talking about the latest releases in both theater and DVD. Or just what's on their minds.

If you're a movie lover, that should be all you need.

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