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Proposed Sarasota law would regulate late night car stereos

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A Sarasota city commissioner wants drivers to turn down their radios late at night.

Commissioner Willie Shaw has heard lots of complaints about drivers blasting their sound systems while folks are trying to sleep.

So on Monday night, Commissioners discussed a proposed ordinance that tackles the issue.

Roadways are noisy. As you drive along, you share the streets and highways with loud cars and trucks.

Many opt to play their music loud to tune it out. But what may be comforting to one person, could be annoying to others.

Ryan Verville enjoys playing loud music in his car. He said, "I do it at a respectable level, you don't want to be rude to other people around the area."

This is a topic the Sarasota City Commission is exploring.

City councilman Willie Shaw has heard plenty of complaints of cars and sound systems blaring through neighborhoods in the middle of the night.

Shaw said, "If you are 90 years old, asleep in your bed at 230 a.m., 4 o'clock in the morning, I don't think it's really, really conducive to your rest and your time to hear noise that penetrates your windows and your sleep."

Under this ordinance, music can be considered too loud if it can be heard from 50 feet away. If it's any louder than that, and you could be penalized.

The first violation brings a fine of $250, and the second fine will cost you $500.

The ordinance would take effect late night through early morning, and it also applies to boom boxes.

"If you're parked somewhere and just jammin' out, that's uncalled for," said Verville.

This ordinance suggests music should be enjoyed by the driver, not by the whole neighborhood.

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