VIDEO: Sulfur fire creates beautiful but dangerous blue flames

WORLAND, Wyo. (WFLA) -- Video captured by a firefighter shows a sulfur mound burning beautiful but hazardous flames in Wyoming.

The Worland Volunteer Fire Department was called to a recycling center on Friday for an unknown type of fire, and found a sulfur mound that had burst into flames.

Captain Brandon Yule took video of the blue flames as they burned in a bowl-shaped area.

Even though the fire is fascinating to watch, firefighters say burning sulfur creates sulfur dioxide, a hazardous gas that has a strong, choking odor.

The department had to use minimal water to cool the surface because adding water to the sulfur dioxide can create sulfurous acid, which can be connected to acid rain.

This type of fire is not common, but officials say it needs to be addressed and dealt with quickly and carefully.

The Worland Fire Department says it has hazmat technicians that understand and are used to dealing with the dangerous gases.


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