Tampa man under investigation for sex trafficking a teenage girl

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) - A runaway teen was found naked in a grown man's bed. It was all part of sex trafficking, according to Tampa police.

An anonymous caller let TPD know a young girl was at Cedric Gatlin's house.

"If I could say a word to mens who does this and feel it's okay, you're the scum of the earth, you're a disgrace," said neighbor Toby Jones.

Jones in absolute disbelief her neighbor across the street is accused of sex trafficking a teen.

"I wish they would start using their brains and not their heads and not the one that's between their legs, that's my message."

Jones first heard about Gatlin when the young teen's mom showed up to her house, asking her if she'd seen her missing daughter.

"She was very upset and concerned and just wanted her baby," Jones said.

A search warrant says that the young teen was in the house with Gatlin.

The teen told detectives Gatlin gave her molly, cocaine and cigarettes laced with cocaine.

The teen said she had sex with Gatlin and sometimes had sex with Gatlin's "homeboys," who would then pay Gatlin.

"I am so sick of neighbors that say 'it's my business. I am minding my own business. I stay out of other people's business,' and you know, this is a young girl that needs someone to speak up for her and all you can say is 'it ain't my business,' but if it were your daughter, how would you feel if someone said 'I'm not telling what I know,'" said Jones.

Tampa police say they're still working on this case.

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