Students at Riverview school steal money raised for prom

Riverview - If there is a Grinch who stole prom, he struck Tuesday at Spoto High School in Riverview. After a lunch period of ticket sales, two students snatched nearly $3,000 from a peer taking the money to the office.

"It was just like a wave of disappointment. I wouldn't really expect it at Spoto," senior class president Emma Shah said. "I just can't imagine just someone running up to you, just grabbing it and leaving."

Principal David News told News Channel 8 security measures were in place.

"The assistant principal and our deputy (are) right outside to man the selling process so it's the way it's been done here for 10 years," New said.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office has arrested one teen. The office is looking for a second.

"I felt devastated that students would make the decision that they did, such a poor choice," senior class sponsor Lindsay Hernandez said.

But the money is gone, which might mean cuts for Saturday's prom.

"I honestly think the one thing we could cut out would be food cause that is something you could get at home. I know the DJ is paid for, but decorations, we might have to cut those," Emma Shah said.

For now, parents and other student organizations donated funds to help make up for the loss. There is still a long way to go.

"Of course it's Saturday night so time is of the essence for us right now," New said.

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