Speed Busters spots dangerous drivers near Hernando elementary school

SPRING HILL, Fla. (WFLA) -- This week, Speed Buster takes a different turn. WFLA traffic reporter Leslee Lacey received a call from a Hernando County resident regarding dangerous driving near Orlando Avenue and Powell Road. So, Leslee grabbed her speed buster gun and headed to Spring Hill.

Leslee did not capture any speeders along Orlando Avenue, which is a dirt road.  But, another dangerous issue quickly came to the forefront.

Residents Karen Langley and Paul Kinney told Leslee that exiting Orlando Avenue has become dangerous.

"What's happening is we have people coming out from Chocachatti Elementary School on Powell Rd. They're supposed to be taking a right turn and they're making an illegal left turn," Paul Kinney explained.

Within moments of speaking to these residents, Leslee witnessed vehicle after vehicle crossing over the small median to illegally turn left onto Powell Road.

The danger comes when Orlando Avenue residents, who are directly across the street, want to also turn onto Powell Road.

Resident Karen Langley says it's a scary situation. "If we pull out at the same time, I've got the right of way, but if they decide they wanna beat traffic, I'm hit. I had one lady, and I saw her little kid in the front seat and she still did it.  And, we had to stop from hitting each other," she said.

While Leslee was speaking with Karen another vehicle made the illegal turn.

"You are fixing to see one now. Look, look," said Karen.

"You think he's going to do it?" asked Leslee. "He did! That white car, you're right," said Leslee.

Kinney says the issue has been brought to the attention of the sheriff's office numerous times, but the violators have not been caught.  "When they do bring a deputy, they sit him out at the corner, and they (drivers) won't do it. As soon as that deputy leaves, they constantly do it."

As the interviewed continued, Leslee witnessed more vehicles making the illegal turn. "This goes on all the time," said Kinney. "What concerns me, is I've almost had about six head on collisions due to that problem."

If you have a speeding issue in your neighborhood contact Leslee Lacey at her WFLA Facebook page or @LesleeLacey on Twitter, and she will bring Speed Busters to you.


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