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Veterinarian helps solve Sarasota man's mysterious case of scabies

Sarasota County - A veterinarian has helped solve a Sarasota man’s mysterious case of scabies.

David Allard was diagnosed with Scandinavian Scabies 11 months ago and turned to 8 On Your Side For help. 

Dr. Brian Scott is with Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialists and called 8 On Your Side after seeing Allard's story. 

"I usually tell people that scabies see veterinarians more than veterinarians see scabies,” said Dr. Scott.

He wanted to know if Allard had a dog, which is an animal often referred to as a carrier of scabies. 

"Most commonly it'll be directed to the tips of the ears, they’ll be on the ventral chest, the elbows,” said Dr. Scott.

Come to find out, Allard doesn't have a dog, but his close friend did.   

"My friend's dog died from it (scabies) just when I caught it. I played with this dog till the end." 
Dr. Scott says it's not uncommon for dogs to pick up scabies from a nocturnal animal wandering around at night. 

"Foxes have lots of mites. They are the one species that are the absolute and primary and classic case of scabies. As they lick and bite and scratch, tufts of their fur will fall out with mites in it." 

What they leave behind is highly contagious according to Dr. Scott.  

Despite having Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance, Allard tells us, he still can't find a doctor to give him the proper treatment he needs for scabies.

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