2016 Chalk Festival wows the crowds in Venice

VENICE, Fla. (WFLA) - Sidewalk chalk is not just for kids nowadays. Artists from all over the world are in Venice making complex art pieces that pop out right before your eyes.

This 2016 Chalk Festival, with a love and piece theme, is taking place in the Venice Airport. More than 100 artists are using chalk in the form of paint, drawing two-dimensional images that pop out from the ground.

"It's interesting how they can really make it look 3D ... by just drawing," said Jim Parsons, who is visiting from Wisconsin.

This art form dates back to Italy in the 1600s. These intricate drawings are carefully made so that, from a certain vantage point, they appear three-dimensional. Some art pieces are meant to be interactive.

One art piece gives the illusion of a wedding pavilion guests can stand on. Another allows visitors the appearance of sitting in a gondola on a river.

Part of the appeal is watching how the artists craft these pieces together. "The painters that are here are just remarkable people from all areas of the world. And coming around to make something beautiful in a non-competitive environment," artist Lorelle Miller said. "I like the spiritual nature of it I guess. It's just here then its gone, just like everything."

You'll find unforgettable pieces of art that will only exist for a brief while. "This is only temporary art, which is interesting too," Parsons said.


The festival includes food, music and a 5K run. Anyone, regardless of skill, can sign up as an artist and work alongside these professionals.

The festival lasts until Monday.

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