Third suspect arrested in Polk Home Depot strong-armed robbery

POLK COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – The third suspect in a  case involving a trio of cross-dressing robbers has been arrested. Tampa police arrested Exavier Walker, 20, on Monday night.

Two of the accused thieves were previously arrested. 

The trio is suspected of stealing gift cards from Polk County Home Depot stores.

Shirley West said one minute she was standing at her checkout stand, then out of nowhere, she was being pushed around by three black men wearing wigs.

"They did snatch the keyboard out of my hand. That was a little scary. Knocked me off balance a little bit. I hope they catch them real soon," she said.

Her wish has almost come true.

Omar McCrae, 18, and Malik Taylor, 19, accused in this robbery, were arrested in Louisiana.

"They were in a truck in a hotel parking lot. Once their information was run, the detectives there saw that they had Polk County warrants," said Carrie Horstman with the Polk Sheriff's Office.

Xavier Walker is the third suspect who was on the run until he was captured in Tampa Monday. Authorities say he is from Tampa and was just recently released from state prison. Records show he has 29 prior felonies and 22 prior misdemeanors.

Investigators in Louisiana also say they found several of those stolen Home Depot gift cards from the Lakeland and Winter Haven robberies inside McCrae and Taylor's truck. No word yet on when they'll be brought back to face a Polk County judge.

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