Lakeland woman finds parents through social media

Holly Bounds - LAKELAND, FL (WFLA) - Anne Lofland knew where she was born and when, but that's about it.  Through a sealed adoption, she was raised by parents she said gave her a wonderful life.  However, she always wanted to know her birth parents.  Last week, through the help of a genetics website and social media, she found her match.

Often what you're looking for shows up when you least expect it and that's certainly the case for Lofland.

"I was in line to pick up my chicken at Publix," Lofland laughed.

For years she wanted to find her birth parents, but since it was a sealed adoption she always imagined if it did happen, it would be through a judge.

"I had always pictured if I ever found them I'd be sitting in an attorney's office in a more formal setting," Lofland said.

But last week, she found out what she's wanted to know for years.

A man contacted her through the site 23andMe, saying they matched as cousins.  After a few conversations, she realized it was the real-deal.

"He gave me the name of my father, my mother, and my cousins," Lofland said.

Then it all turned to Facebook.

"All these people were saying, 'welcome to the family, we can't wait to see you,'" Lofland smiled.

Anne befriended a half-sister, cousins and a father she never knew who seems eager to meet his first child.

Their Facebook pages help fill her in on what she's missed and what they share.

Anne's passion in rescuing animals is just as strong with her family in Ohio, according to the pictures she's viewed.

Her father now sends her daily text messages and her mom, just 15 years older than Anne, gave her a phone call Thursday.

It's a family truly connected by social media and those who make the most of it.

Anne has no set date to meet her new family in person, but it's certainly something she wants.


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