Davenports residents fed up with massive sand pile

DAVENPORT, Fla. (WFLA) - A Davenport community is fed up with a massive sand pile behind their homes.

The pile, between 25 to 30 feet, will soon be the site of new homes.

"I can't open her doors, we can't open our windows."

Billi Kershner told WFLA it's become so bad, she felt she needed to reach out for help. 

"The allergies and the breathing problems we have in here, it's just been unbearable. You can hear how raspy I am. I have asthma and it just effects me really terribly," Kershner said.

And she's not alone. Residents in the Center Crest community tell WFLA the sand pile has turned this community into a desert, and sand is ending up in their homes and cars.

"It was like a desert sandstorm throughout the park here," resident Thomas Reinbeck told WFLA.

They claim they've gone to the city but nothing has been done.

"Everything has gotten blown off. Or kind of too late now, construction is underway and this is what you're going to have," Reinbeck said.

WFLA spoke with City Manager Kelly Callihan, who said the city is working with the developer to address the problems.

"Our Mayor, myself, we all went out and met with the residents, we listened to their concerns and they are addressing it. There's a water truck on site now that they are going to try to do a better job of keeping the sand from blowing around," he said.

The developer says they're going to put more water on it. Either that hasn't worked or it hasn't happened.

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