Largo commissioners approve zip line course

LARGO, FL (WFLA) -- Largo city commissioners voted 5-2 Tuesday to approve a proposed zip line. The commissioners approved a deal with a Bradenton company, TreeUmph!, to build a rope adventure and zip line course above a wooded area at the Highland Recreation Complex, near the Largo Sports Center.

TreeUmph! has an adventure and obstacle course in Bradenton and a proposed one in Brooksville. Previously, TreeUmph! invited Largo commissioners and others concerned about the zip line to visit its Bradenton facilities and see for themselves what it's all about.

A majority of attendees at the commission meeting appeared to oppose the city's plan. Residents mentioned noise, trash and parking as concerns.

"Zip lines itself maybe, sounds fun. Great, when I see your video, I want to do it. That's such a small area. Doesn't even look like it would be fun to do there," Jean Morris said.

Some residents said the zip line would ruin the park's solitude. "There's not enough parking. It's too close to the neighbors, and my dog freaks out in thunderstorms. I have no idea how he's gonna freak out about this," Michelle Garrett said.

Park Superintendent Greg Brown told News Channel 8 last month that the same kind of opposition occurred when the original park was in the works.

Supporters of the plan point to jobs, increased revenue and turning Largo into a destination on the map.

"These are people who are respectful of their environment; they're not loud. They don't drop trash on the ground. They don't make a mess," Pat Edmond said.

Edmond believes the ecotourism will bring people to Largo and provide jobs.

The owner of TreeUmph! promises the finished product will be wonderful. "We will be a great neighbor. We're very excited about the project. I understand people's concerns. There's always concern when there is change. We are a quite activity," Aaron Corr said.

Tuesday's meeting followed a public meeting and an information session, which was held in August. In addition, letters were sent to 250 households bordering the proposed property line.

Drone 8 flew the route the new zip line will take. It will travel through a tree canopy, across a field and over a pond. Drone 8 also showed the course's close proximity to houses. Watch the video above to see the Drone 8 footage.

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