Spring breakers arrested in Clearwater for dangerous stop sign prank

CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) —Two spring breakers in Clearwater spent several hours behind bars after they ripped out a stop sign and tossed it in a nearby bush.

John Wade of Pennsylvania, 21 and William Sassic of Michigan, 22 were arrested for the crime and didn't seem to have an answer for why they did it, when WFLA's Chip Osowski asked them about the incident as they were walking out of a Pinellas County Courthouse on Monday.

The sign has since been replaced.

The act carries dangerous, potentially deadly consequences.

Ann Hertl and her sister, Carrie Kennedy know this all too well.

They met with WFLA in Plant City to talk about this case.

Hertl's son was killed at an intersection where a stop sign had been removed.

"You keep saying it's not my son, you know, they made a mistake and the reality hits you a few minutes later that it is your son and the pain never goes away. The pain never goes away," she told WFLA.

"Clearly this trip to Clearwater is one these two young men will never forget and one thing they should remember is what not to do the next time they visit. These kids, teenagers, even college kids that are doing it, need to realize that it affects a lot of lives, a lot of lives," Hertl added.

The two people responsible for her son's death were arrested and convicted on manslaughter charges, but those convictions were eventually overturned on appeal.


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