Local shelter rescues 2 litters of baby raccoons

WFLA web staff - PALM HARBOR, FL (WFLA) - For the Suncoast Animal League, the baby raccoon season has officially started. The director of the league rescued two litters of kits in one day, according to the SAL's Facebook post.

Rick Chaboudy, the League director and co-founder, posted on Facebook, that two baby raccoons or kits were probably foraging all night with their mother. The raccoon family was probably on their way back in the early morning hours when they tried to cross Little Road. The mother didn't make it across, and the two babies were confused and scared. They kept trying to run back to her.

Somebody got them across the road to safety and called for help. Chaboudy got one baby raccoon into a carrier. The second one soon followed its sibling. Rick Chaboudy took them to the League where they happily devoured two cans of cat food. They went to a rehabber in the afternoon.

And Rick Chaboudy went on another baby raccoon rescue call at the BrightHouse Field. Two tiny raccoons were found in a trash bin. They were so young their eyes could barely open. They were cold probably from being away from their mother for a while, Chaboudy said in his post. He took them to the rehabber as well. He said they would need to be bottle-fed.

Rick says the baby raccoon season is now officially on, according to the Facebook post.


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