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Abandoned medical center in Largo poses risks to neighbors

LARGO, Fla. (WFLA) - An abandoned medical facility in Largo resembles a real life house of horrors. 

Among the needles, syringes and medications are multiple boxes of private patient records.

“It's horrible,” said parent Jamie Mulligan.

"It's just never ending,” said Mulligan as she took News Channel 8's Peter Bernard on a tour of the former "Suncoast Hospital" facility on Indian Rocks Road.

Around every turn, there is another horror.

The power is on and so is the AC, but in several rooms, the roof has caved in.

In one room, there are unused prescription drugs.

“Heparin, which is a blood thinner,” exclaimed Mulligan.

There are computers and filing cabinets. It's like the place is frozen in time, including the petrified rat on the floor.

We found a bag of unused needles and nearby, a bio-hazard of needles that have been used.

“I was mortified that the young kids in the neighborhood were coming here as, they thinking of a place that they can hang out,” said Mulligan.

Homeless people have moved in. We found two living in a room.  

Mulligan's friend Pauline Poulin called 8 On Your Side after discovering the mess.

“My main concern is there's people's information out there with social security, addresses, family members. All their identity is just being thrown in a room,” said Poulin.

Box after box of private, extremely personal medical information is here for the taking.

8 On Your Side called the Largo Police Department, worried all these hazards needed to be addressed.

It sent a contingent of officers.

Property owner, Largo Medical Center, with a hospital almost next door, also responded.

“Are you from the news?” asked a man named Tom.

“You need to leave please. Get off our property” he demanded.

Not exactly a warm greeting. When asked if the place will be boarded up he responded, “Yeah, oh yeah. There's bars on the windows already.”

Mulligan asked, "What about the medical records and  people's social security numbers in there?”  

“I’ll have to look ma'am, I don't know anything about it," Tom said.

Workers from Largo Med secured the doors.

Its public relations director, Tammy Robiconti, drove off, despite a request to speak to her.

8 On Your Side wanted to know why this has festered for so long. Why were those medical records unsecured?

Robicanti did send an email, stating a demolition proposal is under review and it is working with law enforcement to secure the property.

Here is her full response: 

We have a demolition proposal under review to address our neighbors’ concerns. Upon learning of recent trespassing, we are working with local law enforcement to further secure the property.

Tammy Robiconti
Largo Medical Center
Director of Public Relations

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