Life Hacks: How to get a good workout without leaving home

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) --- Working out doesn't have to take hours out of your day. With a few simple hacks you can stay in shape right at home.

Lauren Chamberlain lives a busy life. While she basically works out for a living as a co-owner and instructor at Pure Barre in South Tampa, she's also a mom who is always on the go. She knows sometimes it's hard to get to the gym!

"If you're not able to get out of the house because you have kids, or you're a single mom, maybe because of finances are getting in the way, you can get a really effective workout inside your own home," says Chamberlain.

Don't have weights? Use water bottles for arm.

Want a six-pack? You don't have to have an ab machine.

"Planks are perfect. Tuck your hips under, strengthening your core even more," she says.  "I've held my daughter and my son before while I do stationary squats, or lunges. I can even twist them around, so you can have fun with it!"

You can also use a chair to help with leg work.

"You can do this anywhere in your home, just the back of a bar stool, the countertop, just holding on for balance," says Chamberlain.

Chirstina Ritzi's husband often works out-of-town. She is always busy taking care of her kids.

"Ever since they were younger, I've been doing it on my own, shuffling things around," says Ritzi.

For her, working out at home can be as easy as incorporating it into her daily chores. Something like calf raises, can be done that way.

"While you're doing the dishes," says Ritzi. "Even while you're folding laundry or doing the dishes."

F or cardio? Why not have a little fun!

"Turn on the music and just dance!," says Ritzi.

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