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Which do you have? Cold, flu, cough trending in Tampa Bay

TAMPA (WFLA) - Are you suffering from the flu or a cold? Well, you're not alone.

According to Sickweather, a mapping system of human health through crowdsourcing, said the common cold, flu and cough are trending in the Tampa Bay area.

How do you know if your illness is the flu or a cold?  Both are respiratory infections. Flu symptoms are very similar to a cold with nasal congestion, cough and aches, but you will have a higher fever to start. You will also get a dry, hacking cough with the flu, chills and severe fatigue that could last two weeks.

Colds come on gradually and flu symptoms come on quickly. Flus usually start with a dry throat and nose; a cold usually starts with a runny nose.

The good news is that Sickweather reported that the stomach virus is on the decline.

You can check out the live map of illnesses here.


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