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Man returns wheelchair to family of Brandon boy with epilepsy

A wheelchair made for a 6-year-old Brandon boy with epilepsy was returned to his family Monday after it was taken earlier on in the day.

The father of 6-year-old Ian Dennis took to Facebook Monday morning after his son's wheelchair went missing from the family's driveway.  

Dennis said he moved the wheelchair next to their mailbox a few minutes before Ian's school bus arrived, which is something he has done every morning for the past two years. But when the bus arrived on Monday, the wheelchair had vanished and the child's backpack and glasses were also gone. 

Ian has epilepsy and relies on the wheelchair to transport him when he has a seizure, his father said. The wheelchair is worth an estimated $10,000, officials said.  

"All I'm asking is that they are returned to us. No questions asked. I'll even throw a reward in if it's found," Andrew Dennis said.

Hours after Dennis appealed to the public, a man came forward and returned the wheelchair to the family. He said he had picked up the wheelchair thinking it was scrap.  

"It means everything. It's amazing that he came forward and that he did the right thing. We really appreciate it," Andrew Dennis said.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates. 

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