14-year-old special needs student dies after medical event on Polk County School Board bus

BARTOW, Fla. (WFLA) - A 14-year-old girl with special needs has died after suffering a medical event on a school bus on Feb. 28.

Officers responded to the 3500 block of State Road 60 East at 7:15 a.m. for an unresponsive child.

The call was related to a special needs student on board a Polk County School Board bus.

The girl was taken to Bartow Regional Medical Center for treatment and later taken to All Children's Hospital.

The police department was notified the child died at the hospital on Tuesday.

Detectives were advised by medical staff that the girl died due to a lack of oxygen related to a medical event.

Detectives initiated an investigation, though the girl had ongoing medical issues prior to the event, but no evidence of foul play or criminal involvement was found.

ATTENDANT: I think she’s gasping for air!

DRIVER: Gasping for air?

ATTENDANT: Yeah! Theresa, I don’t know what to do?

ATTENDANT: Theresa you okay? You okay? Hold your head up. I don’t even want to touch her head.

ATTENDANT: Should I lift her head up? Should I lift her head up? Theresa? Ahhhh!

DRIVER: Do we need an ambulance?

ATTENDANT: Oh my god she’s freaking me out. Oh my god, her eyes are rolling back in her head.

DRIVER: I have an emergency.

ATTENDANT: Oh my god, oh my god.

DRIVER: Her head is bent backwards and she’s gasping for air. We think she’s having a seizure. We need help.

ATTENDANT: She’s not moving. No, she’s stiff, she’s still. I don’t think I should touch her, right?

DRIVER: Is she breathing?

ATTENDANT: I don’t want to be responsible. They said put her flat on the ground.

ATTENDANT: Put one hand on the top of her head.

DRIVER: She’s heavy!

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