USF leading the way in breakthrough treatments for urinary incontinence

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) -- Coughing, sneezing, vigorous exercise, all things that can trigger an embarrassing problem for women of all ages, urinary incontinence.  The problem is there is cutting edge treatment available and women don't even know it's available.

"Women don't understand the disease process. They don't seek care.  They are embarrassed by it, and they're usually not coming into the office, to say this is a problem for me, and I really want treatment," said Dr. Renee Bassaly of USF Health.

USF Health is leading the charge in breakthrough treatments for women suffering in silence with tibial nerve stimulation.

"We're actually stimulating the nerve through the acupuncture needle," said Dr. Bassaly.

The sessions are painless and non-invasive and can show promise in a matter of weeks.

Bassaly went on to explain that this is not just a problem women face after childbirth.

"One out of three women are dealing with this problem in all age groups," said Bassaly.

There are over-the-counter products on the market that help women who experience problems and devices that can be fitted at a routine doctor's appointment and inserted daily.

"These are all conservative ways to stress incontinence," said Bassaly.

The problem is many women are so embarrassed by the problem they don't seek medical help.

"Most women are so embarrassed they don't even speak to their physicians about it," said Bassaly.

Bassaly says if urinary incontinence can't be treated conservatively, there are relatively non-invasive ways to treat the problem, like inserting a pacemaker-like device just below the skin's surface, or even Botox injections can help.

"We insert the Botox into the muscle itself to kind of slow it down and decrease those urgencies," said Bassaly.

With so many breakthroughs, women no longer have to suffer in silence.


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