Tampa police believe one person responsible for all 4 Seminole Heights murders

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) -- Cops continue to maintain a heavy presence in Seminole Heights which has many people hopeful that the person suspected of killing four people will be caught.

Police are also questioning everyone they encounter which some believe is infringing on their rights.

"We've got four dead people. How many bodies have to stack up before somebody says, ‘Hey, we've got to put a stop to this.' We are stopping everyone," said Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan, while answering questions from members of the NAACP during a community meeting Thursday night.

The NAACP is concerned about an unusually high number of arrests in the neighborhood.

Police have been stopping to talk to anyone and everyone in Seminole Heights. They're searching for clues that could point them to the person who started this killing spree nearly a month and a half ago.

Police say they're confident the killer lives in Seminole Heights, that he knows these streets and knows the nooks and crannies of the neighborhood.

They believe the suspect shown in surveillance videos is a male, not a female. They are also confident they only have one shooter on their hands.

They do not believe this is a group or the work of a gang. Instead, It's a lone shooter.

"When we look at those videos, it really looks like it's the same person, so we think that's the person who's committed four murders," said TPD spokesperson Steve Hegarty.

The reward for information leading to an arrest in the Seminole Heights murders now stands at $100,000.

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