Same robbery suspect may have hit stores in St. Pete, Gulfport

GULFPORT, Fla. (WFLA) - Police from Gulfport and St. Petersburg are checking to see if several convenience store robberies could be related.

On Tuesday night an unidentified person entered the Kwik Stop store at 5227 Gulfport Blvd S. in Gulfport armed with a handgun. Customers and employees quickly exited the store and were not harmed.

Surveillance video shows the suspect going behind the counter and trying to open the register. He immediately left the store without any merchandise.

The suspect is believed to be a black male of an unknown age. He is approximately 5'11 to 6'0 tall, and weighs 200 to 210 pounds. He has a medium build. The thief was wearing jeans, a long-sleeve white shirt and black gloves. He had his face covered with what appears to be another white shirt, exposing only the eyes.

Store owner Sammy Ammoura believes the man who robbed Teresa's Food Mart Monday in St. Petersburg, is the same person who robbed his store yesterday.

"He had the black gloves and he had the white towel and his demeanor coming in, crouched over exactly what I saw on Channel 8 with that video," Ammoura said.

He watched part of the action unfold from his security camera - while at home. "I notice my clerk, he's not at the register, he's nowhere to be found, so I get nervous and I try to call the store; then nobody would answer. All of a sudden I see the police in here," Ammoura said.

The clerk played it smart and got away. "He acted like he was a regular customer and walked out the store and called 911 when he was outside," Ammoura said.

That wasn't the case Monday at Teresa's Food Mart.

Police say the suspect came in the store around 2:30 p.m., pointed a gun and demanded money. The gunman was also wearing a white T-shirt to cover his face.

No one was injured.

Gulfport officers met with St. Petersburg detectives Wednesday.

"What I can tell you now, the only video that I have from them, it's an identical match to the video that we have," Sgt. Thomas Woodman said.

The St. Petersburg Police Department released surveillance video Monday, which captured the suspect's voice. Police hope someone will recognize him. Detectives believe the suspect has hit four stores in the St. Petersburg area since June 15.


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