Hillsborough deputy accused of strangling wife, pointing gun at her head

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla .(WFLA) - A Hillsborough deputy is accused of strangling her wife and pointing a gun at her head.

Amy E. Dawson, a uniformed patrol deputy, was removed from her post after an arrest stemming from a number of domestic violence incidents.

On Dec. 31, an argument at the couple's home turned physical. Detectives say Dawson pushed her wife in a bathroom, grabbed her duty firearm, pointed it at her spouse and threatened to shoot her wife if she left. At one point, the barrel of the firearm touched the side of the victim's head. After she threatened to kill her wife, detectives say Dawson pointed the gun at her own head and threatened to pull the trigger.

In another instance on March 3, detectives say Dawson pinned her wife down against her will in an upstairs bathroom. Hours later, the couple started arguing again and Dawson pushed her wife against a living room wall and restrained her against her will once again. After the argument carried over into the master bedroom, detectives said Dawson pressed her forearm against the victim's neck, cutting off air flow to her lungs for a short period of time, but the victim did not lose consciousness. Dawson's wife suffered minor bruising to her jawline, wrist and arms as she tried to fight back, authorities said.

The victim's child was inside the home when the incident occurred, but only heard the arguments and did not witness anything firsthand.

After Dawson was taken into custody, she "corroborated the victim's statements and made admissions of guilt implicating herself in the offense post-Miranda," authorities said.

Dawson was arrested on charges of battery by strangulation, battery domestic violence and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

She was booked into the Hillsborough County Jail and has been suspended from her job without pay pending an internal investigation.

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