Hillary Clinton bashes Trump during rally at University of South Florida

TAMPA, Fla.  (WFLA) -- More than a thousand people packed into the University of South Florida Recreation Center Tuesday to see Hillary Clinton speak at a rally. And Clinton's mission was clear: present her argument on why Donald Trump is not temperamentally fit to be president.

"The kinds of things that you've been hearing from Donald Trump demeaning, defaming groups of Americans, people have every right to be respected by someone who wants to be president of the United States. He stands there and mocks a reporter with a disability, he calls women pigs and he's Mexican immigrants rapist and criminals," said Clinton Tuesday afternoon.

Her jabs kept coming.

"When asked why he would insult a gold star family, he suggested his sacrifices are somehow comparable to theirs… His whole campaign has been one long insult," said Clinton.

"Just last week in a few hours, he managed to turn to Mexico into an embarrassing international incident; he got into a Twitter war with the president of Mexico. Donald Trump is…. unqualified to be the president of the United States," added Clinton.

Trump's campaign responded to Clinton's bashing today.

"Hillary Clinton's remarks today in Tampa are exactly what you would expect to hear from a candidate who took off the month of August and woke up in September losing the election. Clinton cannot escape the endemic corruption of the Clinton Foundation, which was exposed in a bombshell report today for violating New York state laws and regulations requiring disclosure of foreign contributions," said Jason Miller from Trump's campaign.

Clinton has seen her lead here in Florida narrow a bit. Trump has taken the lead in Florida in two recent polls. However overall, the average of polls on Real Clear Politics shows Clinton has a 2.7 point lead. A Mason Dixon Poll taken in Florida in August shows Clinton up by 2. Nationally, the most recent CNN poll shows Trump winning.

Both candidates will address national security issues at a forum in New York City scheduled for Wednesday night.

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