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Cancer-stricken strip club mogul Joe Redner wants to grow medicinal pot

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) - Tampa strip club mogul Joe Redner is known for speaking his mind. Now, the stage-4 cancer survivor is doing that in court, with the hope a judge will grant him permission to grow his own medical marijuana to treat his cancer symptoms. 

Redner is eagerly awaiting a verdict in the first-of-its-kind case here in Florida. Joe Redner is going to bat for his right - and others - to grow a small amount of medicinal marijuana.

 He has spent thousands of dollars fighting for what he says is his "state-given" right. 

If there's one man never afraid of speaking his mind, it’s Mr. Joe Redner. “The purpose of the amendment is to get medicine to the patient. They're not doing it," he says. "So, I'm suing to be able to grow my own." 

Redner feels he can't get the plant in the form that he wants for his sickness, that's why he's taking legal action. 

The 77-year-old businessman pled his case last week in Tallahassee in front of circuit judge, Karen Gievers. 

"She says we made our case to show that the amendment says that I should be able to grow my own marijuana,” Redner told News Channel 8. 

He’s leaning on the amendment passed by Florida voters in 2016. 

"The amendment says a medical patient can possess a plant, growing or not and possess the seeds there of.” He goes on to say, "I want that right. It's my right. It's my medicine and I want it and I want to grow it myself. And I want that right. It's my right, it's my medicine." 

If Judge Gievers rules in his favor, Redner has a space ready and prepared to start cultivating his plants. 

"You can make your own medicine, it's not a hard process and everybody that has a right to the medicine should have a right to grow their own," he says. 

One other recent lawsuit against the state is by Trulieve. The dispensary says it's being unfairly stifled in the amount of dispensaries it can open.


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