Beyonce Watch: Queen B has left the island

TAMPA, FL (WFLA) - Earl Mcallister wasn't too impressed by the cars and the entourage that arrived to set up at a home across the street from where he lives.

Amused would probably more accurately describe his reaction.

"You know if they had just driven a normal car in here, nobody would have even known they were here, but they came in with all the, looked like a Presidential detail and had the big black Escalades and the Russian security guards and everybody pretty much knew what was going on," said Mcallister.

It didn't take long for the secret to leak out.

Popstars Beyonce and JayZ rented a home on Davis Islands, but many on the street weren't talking about it while they were here.

"Beyonce's troup, they have left. They are not on the street currently at all," said Denise Cassedy who lives down the street.

In a neighborhood where Derek Jeter, B.J. Upton, Brad Culpepper and even former college football legend Howard Albert "Hopalong" Cassady call home, celebrity isn't that big of a deal.

"I think there are a lot of people famous here," said Cassedy.

While the pop stars were staying down the street, Cassedy and her children started talking to their security guards.

"This is their world tour that's starting and they chose Tampa to do all the prep work with the dancers, the stages, all of that, that was set up here in Tampa at Raymond James stadium," said Cassedy.

The security detail told her, Beyonce liked the neighborhood.

"They said this was one of the best communities they've ever been in," said Cassedy.

Still sightings of the famous pair were not common. Perhaps because of the hours they were keeping.

"Beyonce was working at night. They would leave here around lunch time and they would work at night till about three or four in the morning," said Cassedy.

The famous couple and the security detail appeared to have departed on Monday. No one seemed to know if they would be back and no one really seemed to be too interested in finding out if they would be.


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