8 On Your Side inquiry leads to refund of Uber $200 vomit cleanup fee

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) -- A Tampa couple who wound up paying more than $200 for a $5.91 Uber ride is getting a refund after 8 On Your Side got involved. The hefty tab included a $200 cleaning fee that was added on after the Uber driver claimed the couple left vomit in the Uber vehicle.

Cady Dawson and her boyfriend went for a night out Monday and took a Uber home.

"It was our date night actually; we don't get many of those. We went out, we had a few drinks and we called Uber like we usually do. The guy came and picked us up. We live maybe two miles from where we were.  We got out of the car, everything was fine we said, 'Thank you very much,' went inside and went about our night," said Dawson.

But when Dawson woke up the next morning, she had an email about a $200 charge from Uber. It was a clean-up fee and they sent her photos of alleged puke left in the Uber after her ride.

"I don't think it was Uber. I think it was the driver himself, but I don't think Uber went about it the right way trying to help us get to the bottom of it either. I think he went and picked up some biscuits and gravy and poured it in the backseat. That's what it looks like," said Dawson.

Dawson reached out to Uber asking for a refund, but was instead told by Uber in messages shown to us that "your driver let us know that there was a mess on the trip, resulting in a need for a car cleaning. Drivers are unable to make trips following a mess like this and many of our drivers depend on driving of their livelihood."

News Channel 8 reached out to the driver and Uber Wednesday. Late Wednesday afternoon, Uber informed Dawson that it would refund her money.

Dawson also called her bank, who told her to file a claim to reverse the charge.

"We've used Uber several times and we've enjoyed the service. I'd rather just call a taxi at this point," said Dawson.

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