Volusia Co. police officer fired for sharing racially insensitive Snapchat photo

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. (WESH) - A Daytona Beach Shores police officer is off the job after a complaint revealed that he created and shared a racially insensitive post on Snapchat.

Officer Matthew Moriarty was fired on Monday, about two months after police officials were notified that he shared an inappropriate image while off-duty.

Investigators said Moriarty sent a photograph of himself with an afro hairstyle and beard drawn on the image. The photo also featured with a cartoon gun and syringe dripping blood. Behind Moriarty was a cartoon police car with its lights on and the overlay of the photograph said, "This is how I celebrate Black History Month."

The complaint was made by one of 15 people to whom Moriarty sent the image to, police said.

"The actions in this case are reprehensible. Nobody who holds these types of racist biases can be an unbiased and effective law enforcement officer, and this type of behavior will never be tolerated or defended by this agency," Public Safety Department Director Stephan Dembinsky said.

Moriarty had been suspended since officials were alerted to the post in February.


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