Police: Florida man extorted by woman he met on Craigslist

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. (WFLA) - A man met a woman on Craigslist and after their date, she told him she was 17 and demanded money not to turn him in to police, according to Delray Beach PD.

It happened in Palm Beach County in August. Delray Beach detectives said that the victim Sanford Feldman, who is suffering from Stage 4 cancer, came to them and told them about the incident.

He said he had met a woman on Craigslist, on the section of the website that requires people to disclose their age to enter. He was looking for someone to keep him company and soon he started talking to a woman.

They agreed to meet and he asked her how many roses it would take. Police explained, that roses was slang for money. The woman said no roses, just fun for the both of them.

When she came over to his place and they had sex, she said she was 17 and would tell her father and call police unless Feldman took her shopping. He obliged, taking her on a $7355.80 shopping spree.

But she asked for more.

She called several days later and said she had photos of their intercourse and demanded $3,500 for them. She said she needed the money for a downpayment on a new car. If he didn't give it to her she would go to police. He didn't give her any more money and she texted him back saying he would now need $8,000 for a lawyer.

He took his story to Delray Beach PD. Soon detectives discovered that the young lady was Vanessa Hall, who was born in 1988, which makes her 28 years old. Feldman identified her in the lineup and she was arrested for threats and extortion.

Feldman identified her in the lineup and she was arrested for threats and extortion.

Feldman, who is a stage 4 cancer patient, said he thought he was going to have a heart attack from all the stress after Hall's threats.


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