PHOTOS: Florida fire rescue lieutenant finds snake with mouth sewn shut

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) - A Miami-Dade Fire Rescue lieutenant couldn't believe what he found Sunday while responding to a call.

Lt. Scott Mullin, with the venom unit, received a call about a ball python, a common type of pet.

"I had a strange call today. Now you may think any call I run at Venom One would be strange but this one was a first. As you can see I picked up this baby ball python. It was found outside a home in South Dade. The family had never seen it before. I reached down and gently picked it up," Mullin explained on Facebook. Now I have never come across a ball python that was not a sweetheart. They are by nature very docile snakes. They truly make a great pet."

The lieutenant explained ball pythons are bred in the United States for the pet trade. "Well as you can see from the pictures someone sewed her mouth shut. I have never seen this done," he said.

Mullin took the snake to his friend's home. They removed the stitches, he said. "Can anyone tell me why this would have been done to this gentle snake?" he asked.

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