Jacksonville Beach to start clean up after Matthew

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. (WFLA) - People who live in Jacksonville Beach are anxious to get back home after evacuating, to see the damage. And some learned Saturday, while the bridges were still blocked that riding out the storm had the advantage of not having to wait to see the damage to their homes.

"A lot of wind. It just sounded like a jet flying by every 5 minutes with the sound of the wind," said Danny Hackney who rode out the storm. "I lost the roof to my Jeep. It flew down about four blocks that way. I was expecting it to be worse for sure definitely."

Not everything and everyone was so lucky. Parts of the Jacksonville Pier are now in the streets. The high winds and intense waves broke off parts of the pier that will have to be rebuilt. There is also water in the roadways still from where the storm surge poured in several blocks. And on the beach the erosion is severe. The sand dunes are practically gone.

"We really didn't get any of the storm surge it came up to the dunes and held it there. Looking at the houses on Ocean Drive, they held up really well too. Up on my third floor, I could watch it and it was just pounding on those dunes," Paul Chrisman said. He also rode out the storm.

His new home had relatively minor damage.

"It held up pretty well some leaking through the vents and stuff like that.  It wasn't bad, it wasn't bad really," Chrisman said.

No word on when power will be restored to the island or when evacuees will be allowed to return. Many of them will not find major damage.

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