Pinellas family desperately searching for missing 14-year-old girl

Tiffany Hayes was reported missing on May 28

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla (WFLA) —Tiffany Sayles and her mother Melissa DeCampos have been traveling up and down the streets of St. Petersburg for hours. The pair can be seen walking past spots frequented by pimps and prostitutes, fearing Tiffany's daughter, Trystan, might be somewhere nearby.

The 14-year-old was reported missing to Gulfport police on May 28. It's been more than a week and she is still nowhere to be found.

Although Trystan is a runaway, her disappearance is still classified as a missing person's case, according to Gulfport Police Sgt. Thomas Woodman.

Woodman feels this type of case would concern any parent. "From a parent's perspective, yes," says Woodman. "From a law enforcement perspective at this time, based on the leads that we're getting, based on the information that we're getting, again we don't feel she's in danger. She had run away at her own will and she's with the people that she's with at her own will."

When Melissa DeCampos heard that her 14-year-old granddaughter was missing, she hopped in her car immediately and drove all the way from Atlanta to Gulfport. She is terrified she'll never see her granddaughter again.

"I just wish she would come home, I really do," DeCampos cried. "I just wish she would come home."

"My fears are coming true. I feared this whole seven hours driving here. It's reality for me now."

Gulfport police maintain that there have been several possible sightings of the teen and that she may be with someone who could be holding her against her will.

"My little granddaughter, I mean, she's 14, she's a little girl," DeCampos said.

The grandmother said while walking up and down 34th Street, she's encountered a number of people who recognize her granddaughter, and the man she's been seen with.

"They take young girls and they mesmerize them with jewelry and money and nice things and then they sent them on the street to work and I believe with all my heart that is what's happening with my granddaughter."

Trystan's mother also worries her daughter is in trouble. "I think she's being trafficked. She's clearly been out on the street. It's very easy for an older man to meet a younger girl. Pimp her out," said Sayles.

The Gulfport Police Department has not disclosed exactly how detectives have approached this case, but they say they are monitoring and checking on possible leads.

Sgt. Woodman tells us, while he doesn't believe Trystan is in danger now, the longer she stays away from home, the less likely that will be the case.

.Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of Trystan Hayes is urged to give the Gulfport Police Department a call at 1-727-582-6177.

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