Better Call Behnken: Woman gets back missing heirloom piano months after furniture shop closes

(WFLA) - Lise Buck finally has a piece of her family heirloom piano back at her home in Palm Harbor.

The piano is furniture now. It was turned into a coffee table and shelf.

She credits a Better Call Behnken investigation for the happy reunion.

Buck says she knew she'd Better Call Behnken after "Off the Beaten Path & Pistachios Antiques & Collectibles" in Tarpon Springs abruptly closed, and her piano disappeared. Her family paid $1,000 to have it be turned into furniture last April.

We found that when owner Paul Strope closed his shop, numerous customers were missing their furniture. Some were custom jobs and some pieces were on consignment.

"I feel like if you guys had not gotten involved, we would have nothing," Buck said.

The furniture is now in a storage unit.

For 100 years, the piano was passed down from generation to generation. Now that parts of the piano are furniture, Buck hopes the heirloom will be passed down for 100 more years.

Buck's furniture job is not over yet. Strope says he will deliver several more pieces and not he won't charge her anymore.

"We are in constant contact," Buck said. "Every week, we either text or phone call."

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