WATCH: Grandma trying to figure out smartphone goes viral

PHOENIX (WFLA/NBC) - An Arizona grandmother is going viral after she accidentally started recording a video while trying to figure out her new smartphone.

Adrienne Gutowski recently got the phone and was trying to figure out how it worked, with help from her granddaughter Apryl.

But while she was turning the phone on, she accidentally turned the camera on herself and started recording. As the video begins, Gutowski asks her granddaughter why her phone "turned into a mirror."

When Apryl explains that the phone is on selfie mode, Gutowski asks her "what the heck" a selfie is.

"This is supposed to be a smartphone! It's not that smart," Gutowski says before declaring that she wants her flip phone back. 

You can watch the full video, shared by Gutowski's granddaughter, above.

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