PHOTOS: Sixth most deadly snake in the world found coiled around Christmas tree

MELBOURNE, Australia (WCMH) — The Australian woman found the deadly snake wrapped like tinsel around her Christmas tree.

That Christmas tree crasher turned out to be a tiger snake, which is the sixth most deadly snake in the world.

"The snake is among the most dangerous of Australia," professional snake catcher Barry Goldsmith, who was called to the woman's home to remove the snake told CNN.

Goldsmith added the breed of snake is actually an "easy going snake that doesn't want to hurt people."

The picture of the snake, shared on Snake Catcher Victoria Australia's Facebook page, shows the reptile hanging out with other ornaments on the Christmas tree.

Goldsmith told WFLA News Channel 8's Lila Gross this isn't necessarily unusual though.
"3 times a month or so, a snake will be in the house, [and] that's just me. There are 100 snake catchers in Victoria," Goldsmith said.
"Cheryl did exactly what she was supposed to do," Goldsmith told CNN. "She closed the door, put a towel underneath and called me."
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