Hottest toys for kids are interactive

It seems like every Christmas there's a theme when it comes to popular toys. This holiday season Toys "R" Us predicts gifts that move will be flying off the shelves.

The Fisher Price "Bright Beats Dance & Move Beatbo" is already going in and out of stock online. The toy is designed to get baby moving with flashing lights and music.

"It's all about interactive toys," the manager of the Brandon Toys "R" Us store, James Norr said. "The child can play with it and it can play back. It's a lot of fun."

Staying with the interactive theme, the toy taking the "Kids Picks" title on is SmartLab Drop Zone Science Kit. According to the description, it allows kids to "Load the plane's cargo bay, set the timer, and

fly into the Drop Zone!"

Of course Star Wars is a big winner this holiday season. Toys "R" Us has a moving and talking Yoda for $180. You can prompt the toy with questions and Yoda will respond and even swing a lightsaber.

"We have more adults buying this for other adults," Norr said. "But it can be for both, kids too." Star Wars LEGOS are sure to be a big hit, too.

But what about the adults? Check out this ebay website. Users can find the most popular gifts by state. The top gifts so far in Florida are the Amazon Fire TV Digital HD Media StreamerStuhrling Original Men's 824.01 Aquadiver Quartz Watch and the LEGO Minecraft Building Set.


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